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The Essence of Fynbosvlei

What is the essence of Fynbosvlei, this wonderful gift entrusted to us by our gracious Creator God?

Is it the call of the fish eagle at dawn?

Is it the aromatic perfume of the fynbos after rain?

Is it the diamond mornings when dewdrops shimmer like a trillion tiny rainbows on every leaf and twig as they catch the light of the low morning sun,

Or the ever-changing beauty and fascination of the fynbos throughout the seasons, and in the perfection and symmetry of even the tiniest of fynbos flowers?

Is it the spider webs scattered across the fynbos like discarded lace handkerchiefs, or in the evocation of rainbows that reflect off them in the sunlight?

Is it there in an achingly beautiful calm, wind-still morning when the lake, like a mirror, is a reflection of the trees, dunes, mountains and clouds?

Is it in the susurration of the wind in the reeds at the waters edge?

Is it there on a quiet, tranquil evening when the lake reflects the ever-changing colours of the sunset?

It is where the full moon rises in the east when the moon river crowns each ripple with silver,

Or in a calm, moonless night when even the starshine is mirrored in the dark, still, waters below?

Is it in the wonder in people's eyes when they see the beauty for the first time,

Or in the pleasure and enjoyment gifted to everyone by a piece of Paradise meant for sharing?

No. It is not a single one of these. It is in all and every one, and more, and I thank the Lord every day for blessing us with the privilege of being able to love and care for this very, very special place.

SGH | December 2013

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